Crazy Taiwanese(?) Cops

From Reuters:

Cop pulls gun over scooter helmet violation

openquoteTAIPEI (Reuters) – A motor scooter rider in central Taiwan was held at gunpoint during a traffic stop for not wearing a safety helmet, local media said on Thursday.

After a police car whistled to the scooter to pull over, the officer in Taichung county pulled a gun on the 54-year-old rider surnamed Lin, who was wearing a hat but not a helmet, and ordered her not to move, Taiwan’s Liberty Times said.

A spokesman for the Taiping police station in Taichung county said a gun was pulled because the rider had tried to get away.

“If you don’t pull over, this can happen,” said station spokesman You Chi-ming. “The officer’s action was not extreme.”closequote

Note: I understand that Michelle Yeoh and Supercop 2 are both from Hong Kong, but let’s face it, she’s hot and its funny…


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One Response to “Crazy Taiwanese(?) Cops”

  1. Phil Says:

    Actually, Michelle Yeoh is from Malaysia. But hey, close enough.

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