Chris’ Trivia Extravaganza Wed. 11/26/08: Answered


openquoteSpace shuttle Endeavour is carrying two refrigerator-sized racks packed with a distiller and an assortment of filters designed to process astronauts’ urine and sweat into clean drinking water.

The station crew depends now on water carried up aboard a space shuttle or cargo rocket. But an operational water recycler is expected to cut that need by 65 percent by producing about 6,000 pounds of potable water each year. That’s enough fresh water to allow the station to host six crew members instead of three. closequote

Well, isn’t that just great? Carrie guessed that it was a urine recycler. Mind you, she heard them mention it on the radio on her way to work, but still, come on, how do you guess that one? Well, Carrie’s getting a new car this weekend, and its not a Volvo, so I guess I’m in the clear, for now…


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