Chris’ Trivia Extravaganza Wed. 11/19/08: Answered


This is one in a series of sketches “made by Dr. John C. Houbolt in 1961 for a lunar module, later adopted by NASA for Apollo 9.”

John C. Houbolt

“John Cornelius Houbolt (born 10 April 1919) is a retired space engineer. He is generally credited with having effectively promoted the lunar mission mode called Lunar Orbit Rendezvous or LOR. This flight path first endorsed by Wernher von Braun in June 1961 and was chosen for Apollo program in early 1962. This critical decision was viewed as vital to ensuring that Man reached the Moon in the 1960’s, as President John F. Kennedy had proposed and, in the process, saved billions of dollars and time by efficiently using existing rocket technology.”

To be honest, I thought dad would figure it out first, but he got back to me within minutes of emailing the link. So, way to go dad. He even got the year right… To quote: “I’m going to guess this was the initial “sketch” for the Apollo booster system–missions to outer space, probably around 1959-1962?

Phil’s guess was definitely possible, I can see where you would get that from, Steve somehow looked at the blog but didn’t give an answer (?) and Mom, as usual, was M.I.A.

Carrie and her roommate Jenny were close, guessing that it was a space ship, so good job there.

Well, there it was… The answer to Wednesday’s question…

New question later today?


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One Response to “Chris’ Trivia Extravaganza Wed. 11/19/08: Answered”

  1. Phil Says:

    What a terrible drawing of a landing craft.

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